A beautiful garden, tastier vegetables , more energy, greater crop, healthier livestock , cleaner water ... without the use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides ...... All this is accessible by the same means: effective micro-organisms, in short called EM.

It seems too good to be true, but EM works, EM is a mixture of  micro-organisms which are commonly occurring in nature . The secret lies in the combination. This makes EM as effective and as widely applicable as possible. EM is a discovery of the Japanese agricultural Professor Teruo Higa.

Because we from bonsaihoek.nl think this can be a complement
for your bonsai and environment, we offer products that produce EM.

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A+ navulling 250 ml/A+refill 250 cc Item no.: A+250

A+ navulling 250 ml/A+refill 250 cc
per 250 cc flacon € 3,50
EM Bokashi - starter Item no.: Bokastart2

Bokashi - starter
per stuk € 6,00
EM 250 ml navulling/EM 250 cc refill Item no.: EM250

EM 250 ml navulling/EM 250 cc refill
per 250 cc flacon € 6,50
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