Tibolar-RS is a new revolutionary nutrient for plants that is differentiated from virtually all other conventional fertilizers.
This due to the fact, that Tibolar-RS doesn’t only feed the plant but also improves the soil in which the plant is located.

The unique composition of Tibolar-RS is that it is a combination of plant fertilization and enrichement of the soil.

Tibolar-RS has a very positive effect on virtually all types of plants.

Advantages of the active substances in Tibolar-RS for bonsai are:
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS grow better.
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS have more Mycorrhiza fungi.
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar have a healthy root system.
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS make faster callus so cutting wounds will heal much faster.
  • Flowering bonsai have an abundance of flowers.
  • Stems and branches are much stronger, less brittle.
  • Internodes on bonsai are much shorter.
  • Usage of Tibolar-RS (NPK 4-6-2) at repotting makes the roots faster to heal and to grow.
  • Because of the minerals and micronutrients bonsai are healthy so less or no pest problems.
  • Because of the pelletshape it can be used on different ways. On the soil, pushed in the soil and in fertilizers baskets.
Fertilizing is often only ment to feed the bonsai/tree/plant, and unfortunately it happens too often that the biotope in the soil will be changed.

That’s why we advise:                                                                      

For the beste result, use only Tibolar-RS


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Tibolar-RS nutrients for bonsai 250 grams POWDER/GRANULATE NPK 4-6-2 with Mycorrhiza
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