The real Higonokami are made by Motosuke Nagao, established in Miki, descending from four generations of blacksmiths and whose one ancestor was this other Nagao I mentioned at the start of the story.
Today, Motosuke Nagao is quite old, his succession is not ensured and the trademark might disappear with him.
His basic and better-known model is called “Sada Koma” and exists in three shapes: small, medium and large.
It is the archetype of the higonokami knife:
- A handle made out of a folded sheath of brass stamped with kanjis detailing the name of the maker and the steel of the blade: a sanmai with an aogami edge (blue paper steel).
- The presence of a chikiri (the lever) on the blade, to open the knife.
- The lack of a locking system.
- The fact that the blade entirely disappears in the handle when the knife is closed.

There are different shapes of blades but the most common is the one with the point in line with the edge, the so-called “inverted tanto”.
There are also other versions with different steels.


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Higo Naifu Damascus 220 mm "Miyamoto Musashi"
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